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At HelloFresh, we make it easy for you to cook delicious dinners from scratch every time. Our weekly menu, developed by our chefs has 21 new recipes every week to suit your lifestyle including British classics and world cuisine, family favourites, Balanced dishes under 550 calories and rapid recipes ready in 20 minutes and under. So if you feel you’re stuck in a cooking rut, there’s always something new to discover at HelloFresh! 

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Marley Spoon is all about inspiring you to cook recipes from scratch in 6 easy steps. With a focus on locally sourced, pre-portioned ingredients for zero food waste and easy recipes, Marley Spoon takes the guesswork out of cooking a delicious meal.

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Dinnerly brings recipes and ingredients to your door for easy, affordable, everyday cooking.

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Hiring Catering Services for Your Special Event: Why and How?


If you've ever attended an event as a guest, then you've probably come across the catering. Although catering as a concept seems relatively easy, Top 5 Best Meal Delivery says that a lot goes into getting food to the table.

Top 5 Best Meal Delivery Explains Catering

Catering is the culmination of preparation, delivery, and presentation of drinks and food at an event. It usually takes place at a remote location where the event is being held.

Besides preparing and serving food, other responsibilities of a caterer include venue decoration and provision of entertainment (e.g. music), lighting, chairs, and tables.

How Catering Works

Catering services can either obtain food from a third party or employ their own cooks. If you're hiring the service for a sit-down dining event, the catering firm will send busboys, waiters, and waitresses to set tables and serve meals to your guests.

For a wedding reception or banquet hall event, the service manager will direct their ancillary staff and waiters to get the job done. For informal parties and buffets, the management may send their staff on the ground to prepare and serve sharing dishes, platters, and bowls.

A caterer will help you to choose food, and even the venue for your event beforehand, based on your budget. In most cases, a caterer will require you to make a deposit before the services can be rendered.

Benefits of Hiring a Special Events Caterer


Top 5 Best Meal Delivery asks, "Are you aware that hiring catering services has more benefits than you could imagine?" From cocktail parties and corporate events to weddings and other special occasions in between, a caterer will help ease the burden of doing everything yourself, by taking care of the food department.

Hassle-free food preparation: Food preparation for a big event could be a stress-inducing task, but with a caterer, you won't feel even the slightest anxiety. From planning the menu and buying ingredients to cooking and serving intricate dishes, a caterer will do all this for you.

Cost effective and time-saving : Hiring a caterer who will plan and execute the menu on your behalf, undoubtedly comes with a lot of conveniences.

Just imagine how daunting it could get when choosing and implementing the menu for a big event on your own, especially when you don't have expertise and experience in this regard!

A catering service will save you both energy and time, making it easy for you to focus on other areas of the event.

Minimizes wastage: A caterer knows how much food and drinks will be required for your guests; hence, you will not worry about food shortage or too many leftovers.

Leaves a good impression on your guests: An excellent catering service will offer a wide array of delicacies in an organized manner, leaving your guests more than impressed. Delicious food is something for everyone, and no one can resist a tasty meal served with the utmost professionalism.

What to Consider When Hiring a Special Events Caterer


Whether you're holding an anniversary, birthday, dinner or any other event, having a proper catering service by your side certainly goes a long way in defining your event's tone and success. You want your guests to not only enjoy delicious food but also to receive a warm welcome.

Top 5 Best Meal Delivery looks into some important considerations to help you choose a top-notch catering service.

Reputation: The word of mouth is a powerful resource, and clients will not talk positively about a service which is below par. Check the service reviews online and get recommendations from other people.

Cost/Pricing: Some give-and-take will always be there, but you may not want to go too high or too low. Consider the type of food you want for your event, the event size, and your budget, and then discuss your expectations with the caterer.

You may want to compare different services to get a better deal.

Experience: Experienced professional caterers tend to offer the best services. Go for a firm with experienced menu experts and chefs who can deliver high-quality food and service.