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Marley Spoon is all about inspiring you to cook recipes from scratch in 6 easy steps. With a focus on locally sourced, pre-portioned ingredients for zero food waste and easy recipes, Marley Spoon takes the guesswork out of cooking a delicious meal.

  • 20 new, easy step-by-step recipes created by Marley Spoon chefs every week

  • Pick your preferred delivery date and skip any week that doesn't work for you. Marley Spoon takes care of the rest.

  • Enjoy fine dining at home, and enjoy the opportunity to step up your home cooking!

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[NameOfBrand] Review

[NameOfBrand] offers a robust selection of seasonal ingredients packaged with recipes for their customers to make the most of. Combined with a selection of meal delivery customizations, customers have the ability to choose recipes for two to four people from a new menu each week.

Choose how many people you want to cook for and how many days each week. [NameOfBrand] has two plans available: one for couples, and one for a family of four. For a meal delivery service of such high quality, they even manage to keep prices low: they boast on their website that to buy ingredients for the same meals at a regular supermarket costs more than their service, and they’ve done the math to back it up. 

The secret, they say, is working directly with farmers rather than dealing with middlemen to keep costs low and quality high. They also only send you what you need — so not only are you paying less, there’s no food waste either.

From here you will need to provide your information to them, including when you would like the meals delivered to you, your address, telephone number, and any other necessary information to make sure you get the delivery schedule you would like.

You will then be required to pay for the week’s service and will be automatically charged on a weekly basis. As of 2019, [NameOfBrand]  accepts only credit card and paypal. The credit cards that they accept include Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

Finally, you can select the type of meals that you would like to have delivered to your home. This includes the recipe cards for preparing the ingredients, presented in a clear and easy to understand fashion, and the majority of the ingredients you will need. Typically, you will have to have salt, pepper, and oil ahead of time, as well as the kitchen equipment, in order to make the meals.

What's Different About their Meals?

The main difference between [NameOfBrand] and other meal delivery services is its target audience. Other meal services often market themselves toward beginners or those whose cooking confidence could use a boost. Their recipes, are for the more advanced cook who is looking to expand their repertoire or get themselves out of a cooking rut.


While all the kits come with instruction cards and photos which break every recipe down to six simple steps, you should be aware that each one might take a little longer to prepare than you are expecting. It’s essential to read each recipe carefully before you select it for your menu, as you will need to make sure you have all the necessary equipment in your kitchen.

If you’re new to cooking or you want to make quick meals, this service might not be for you. If you’re not already doing so, you’ll need to set aside time in the evenings for cooking and cleanup when you sign up on the website. Some of the recipes use a lot of pots and pans which could mean extra cleanup, too.


That said, if you want to step your cooking up to the next level then you should definitely try your hand at a [NameOfBrand] menu, as this is the service’s strength: restaurant quality meals at home. And who knows? Maybe all you needed to kickstart your cooking prowess was the right ingredients and a little instruction.